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About Thia as a  PERFORMER:


"Thia's ability to weave a song and lyric together is a true gift. Her musicality is equally matched by her brilliant storytelling. She harkens back to the days of a true "leading lady" of the theatre - dynamic, honest, gritty, not afraid to get messy, heartfelt, present, loving, truthful, and brave. She is a dream to work with and a necessary component for the future of musicals to stay alive and pertinent."
JASPER GRANT (Musical Director)


"Aside from being a wonderfully powerful source of positive energy to our company, Thia contributed an example of professionalism that every stage manager wants and needs on a production. Thia is a seriously talented and disciplined actor who was never late, always was on her lines, left her personal life at the stage door, and was an integral asset to the success of our production. Thia Stephan receives my highest recommendation."
JOHN LOWE (AEA Stage Manager)

"Thia is a wonderfully talented actress who was able to come in and save the day for me on a show. She is smart, professional, detail oriented and above all talented. I feel anyone would be lucky to have someone like Thia as an understudy. I would not hesitate to hire her again either as an actress or as an understudy."
DARIN ANTHONY (Artistic Director, Moving Arts, LA)

"Thia is bright, talented, highly professional, and her theatrical instincts are spot-on."

About Thia as a DIRECTOR:

“ I was honored to have Thia Stephan direct my play, Flight RIsk, for the Samuel French Festival. I was excited and confident as I watched her put together her team. When I saw the performance...I was blown away. I couldn't have been more thrilled with the way Thia approached the piece, her actors, and myself as a writer. She brought the kind of passion and professionalism writers cross their fingers to find in a director.  She and her actors found beats and nuances I didn't know I'd written. I laughed at my own play--with everybody around me laughing too. She can direct my work any time."
Playwright, Author, Arts Educator)

"For the Blank Theatre Company's Young Playwrights Festival, I work closely in helping shape the plays with the writers and directors. Thia's work as a director is always remarkable and inspired. I would jump at the chance to work with Thia Stephan at every opportunity, and any production or company would be doing themselves a favor by hiring her."
MARK ARNOLD (YPF Mentor, actor) 

"Thia Stephan has the ability to uplift and bring unique form and substance to any material and cast she is given the chance to direct. If you hire Thia, you are getting a skilled professional who will bring your project to life in ways you were hoping and more. I would recommend Thia to direct any type of material (including abstract, classics, Shakespeare and even comedy). Lastly, I would jump at the chance to be directed as an actor by Thia."
JOHN KASSIR (Actor, and owner - Kassir Productions, Inc.)

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